What Is Photography

Photography is the art of capturing images with the help of light. You can also capture wavelengths of light with the camera which the Human eye can’t see. It is used in many fields like science, manufacturing, and business as well as it is more directly used in our film and video production People also use cameras as a hobby.

In photography, lenses are used for focusing the light that is reflected from the lenses and hits the sensor. Photography is all about Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture.

Concept of photography


Composition is mainly used in photography for balancing the image and making it, or to create it visually appealing in the frame. This includes the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, Symmetry, and more.


Exposure is mainly defined as the amount of light that enters the camera sensors, Photography is about capturing light, it is primarily determined by three combinations shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. These three elements make an exposure triangle, It gives a detailed image.

In photography exposure, there is no right or wrong, and the artistic choice of many photographers is to capture an unexposed or overexposed image.

Shutter speed:

When light passes through the sensor in a specific amount of time is called shutter speed. Shutter speed gives motion blur images and it can be used creatively to capture motion or freeze action.

A short shutter speed will give a darker image and a long shutter speed will give bright images. Shutter speed is responsible for capturing motion, something vital in some genres like long explore photography.


ISO is defined as the sensitivity of the camera sensor to light. A higher value of ISO is used in low-light situations, But it creates noise or grain in the image or bright areas always keep your ISO at a low value.

The ISO number is measured by using ”ISO levels” which follow this sequence. The ISO setting depends on light. If you are shooting in the low-light environment you have to increase ISO.

ISO value lower to higher

Depth of field:

Depth of film is all about distance, If the subject is close to the camera it will give a (shallow depth of field) If the subject is far from the camera it will give a (large depth of field). In shallow depth of field camera focuses on the subject and the background appears blurred. The aperture controls the depth of field.

large depth of field
large depth of field
narrow depth of field

White balance:

White balance hell to adjust the color temperature of the image. And it gives accurate representations of colors under different lighting conditions.


I’m in framing we use some scenes to show the subject inside the frame to focus on the main point of interest. For example, we can use the rings of the Bengals as a frame.

What Is Photography 4


Lightning is used to create a desired atmosphere in any photograph. We mainly use natural or artificial light and create an atmosphere according to the situation. Light can be soft, harsh, diffused, or directional. It also creates moods like romantic, horror, mystery, and more.


Aperture is the basic concept of photography. The aperture is also known as the pupil because it also shrinks and expands like the human eye.

The aperture is the opening of the camera lens, which controls the amount of light that goes through the lens to the sensor. the wider the opening of a lens the brighter the image you get or the narrower the opening of the aperture the darker the image you get.

The aperture is also responsible for the ‘Depth of field’ and sharpness of the image. The large aperture gives a shallow depth of field or sharp images, the small aperture gives a large depth of field.


In conclusion, we learned about photography and its concepts like exposure, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, white balance, framing, lighting, and aperture. these concepts play an important role in increasing visually appealing images.

understanding these concepts can help to improve your photography skills in the field of photography. For more information like uses of photography stay connected with me.

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