Typography is a visual representation of words and phrases. It combines graphic design principles, fonts, letters, colors, etc. It is also used in graphic design such as billboards, magazines, flyers, etc. A simple logo design with the company name, a logo is the result of the strategic use of typeface.

what is typography

Typography is arranging the text in a visually appealing manner. Typography is everywhere we look such as book text, websites, etc. Graphic designers use different types of fonts to elaborate their designs.

Types of fonts

There are different types of fonts, And they can be classified into several broad classifications based on their characteristics and design.

Serif font:

Sarifon has little strokes at the edge of the letters, this font is traditional fonts and formal, this font is used in print media such as newspapers and magazines because of its classic look.

For example- The Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond.

Sans-serif font:

these fonts do not have extra strokes on the edges. This type of font looks clean, modern, and straightforward. this type of font is used for digital content and headlines. such as – smartphones, computer screens, and tablets.

For example- Aerial, caliber, etc.

Decorative fonts

decorative fonts are highly stylized and unique font styles, These forms are used for specific artistic or thematic purposes. Decorative fonts are also known as display fonts.

These fonts are also used in logos, book covers, posters, and billboards.

Monospaced to fonts

In monospaced fonts, each character has the same equal space horizontally because the spacing of each character is the same, it is difficult to read the characters.

Modern fonts

It is a type of font that is sharp, Bold, professional, and stylish.

For example intro, Komoda, stoked, classy, Marisa, and Chanter, etc.


In conclusion, typography is a fundamental aspect of visual communication that involves the arrangement of text in a visually appealing manner It plays an important role in various design mediums, such as print media websites, logos, etc.

Understanding typography allows designers to effectively convey their message and engage their audience through the strategic use of typefaces. I also wrote an article on sources of news. For more information stay connected with me.


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