The structure of news is typically a standard format for writing reports, it is used for clear information, and in an organized manner. News has a common structure for writing is as follows.

what is news?

News refers to sharing information about current events happening in the surroundings. News is provided from different media sources: vocal, printing, broadcasting, digital communication, etc.

This shows news comes from anywhere, any time of the current event, it is the information about something that just happens or will happen soon. News is mainly a report about recent happenings on television, Newspapers, radio, and the internet.


Structure of news:


The headline is situated in the upper part of the article It grabs the attention of the reader and summarises the main point or the event of the news story. it encourages the reader to read the article.


The byline provides the name of the reporter or journalist who wrote the article and it gives credit to the writer or author it is for the credibility of the information presented.


It indicates where the location of the incident and at which date the incident happened or news is reported.


Lead is situated in the first paragraph of the article. And it is also the introduction of the paragraph, Lead is the most important in the article because it provides the most important information in fewer words. It answers the basic questions, who, what, where, when, why, and how.


The body is situated in the second paragraph after the Lead, it elaborates on the information provided in the lead. Ete gives more in-depth details quotes from sources and additional texts to provide a comprehensive understanding of the news event.


Quotes are for the credibility and human interest of the story News articles often include notes such as export officials, eyewitnesses, or people who were involved in The Dirty Event.


In conclusion, mainly a news article is briefly summarised. it also gives suggestions or key points and it brings the story to a satisfying close. I also make articles on the structure of news, elements of news, and sources of news, and stay connected for more information.

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