Sources of news

Anything which provides new information in a specific period is said to be a source of news. In earlier times people used drumbeats or bells to convey their message and rulers used their officials for information.

But later in modern times, all these sources were eliminated by Sources Search as radio television, newspapers, magazines, and press releases. Press conferences, institutions, etc. Various sources of news are available. These sources can be categorized into traditional media and digital media There are some types of news sources.

sources of news:

Traditional media

Traditional Media means print media and broadcast media. Print media include newspapers, magazines, and books. The main characteristic of traditional media is that it is one-way communication in which information flows from the sender to the receiver but Sender does not get receiver feedback.

Traditional Media
Traditional Media


Newspapers are distributed in printed form and printed newspapers have been a temple of News Desiminated for decades. The newspaper covers local news and international news and as well as it covers various sections like business, sports, and entertainment.


Magazines typically publish monthly or weekly focuses on specific topics or themes are provide in-depth analysis and feature It also publishes brands about celebrities and their life stories.


Television provides the latest news and entertainment. We are also able to watch live and it analyses the current event and it covers the current event.


When televisions were not invented people heard the news through the radio Radio provides updates on the latest news and also has more extensive news segments People also trust radio more than television.

Digital media

Digital media is a kind of media that can be analyzed, stored, and distributed on electronic digital devices. Digital media is a type of media that covers the content on digital platforms like phones, computer podcast applications, etc.

Digital media contains the purpose of information sources entertainment games, and business extra it is a very useful platform for business perspective Majority of customers are now in digital media.

Digital media

News websites:

Big news organizations have their website while others are digital platforms. they offer real-time updates, breaking news, and feature articles.

Social media:

Social media platforms and organizations share news stories, posts, and message updates on these platforms. example Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

News Apps:

Nowadays organizations have their apps, People easily read the news without any difficulties and it gives news every minute.

Blogs and Independent Journalism:

Nowadays there are various options in the journalism field, if a person is not satisfied with the organization he/she can make their website and channel and can give their opinion freely to the audience.


As you learn these are the sources of news like digital media and traditional media. Sources are, for example, newspaper magazines, news blogs, news forecasts, news feeds, etc. I also make more articles on the structure of news, and elements of news, stay connected for more information.

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