Shannon and Weaver model Communication, also known as a Mathematical model, Shanon was an American mathematician And Weaver was an American scientist Both of them joined together To write an article in ”Bell System Technical Journal” called ”Mathematical Theory of Communication” and also call the” Shannon and Baver model of communication”.

This model is also referred to as the mother of all models, It was developed in 1949. This model is specially designed to develop effective communication between sender and receiver.

This model shows how information is transmitted from a sender to a receiver. In this model, the sender initiates the message and the receiver receives the message and it is a continuous process that never ends.

Elements of Shannon and Weaver’s model:


The person who initiated the communication process by creating a message or the person who started the conversation. The sender’s goal is to convey the information to the receiver.


The encoder converts the message into signals. The murder was initially created to explain how communication occurs using radio waves and binary numbers in computers and telephones.

Message :

The Message can be in various forms, including verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual communication.


The medium in which the encoded message is transmitted to the sender or the receiver. For example written documents, face-to-face communication, internet or, radio waves, etc.

Decoder :

The process in which the receiver translates the encoded message back into a form that can be understood. This is the reverse process of encoding.


Any interference or disturbance which affects the transmission or reception of the message is noise. these disturbances may be in the form of loud sounds, crowded sounds, etc.


The response or reaction from the receiver to the sender.

Shannon and
weaver model
Shannon and Weaver model


In conclusion, the Shannon and Beaver model of communication is a seminal theory that provides valuable insights into the complex process of information transmission. I also wrote an article on Laswell and Aristotle’s model of communication.

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