elements of news

Five Elements Of News

News is information about current news events. You all read newspapers. Have you ever thought about why you read the newspaper? Because it contains news and gives you information about a state, city, or country. you hear the radio, television, etc. All mediums carry news.

why News values are important?

Having a news value helps the journalist to save time and increase efficiency in the news. Because this helps to make your news readable and grab the attention of the reader.

In newspaper and magazine journalism, factors help to determine what page the story appears.

Elements of news

elements of news


In proximity location matters, which means far events did affect much to the audience but if an event is happening nearby, it will impact the audience more than if it is happening somewhere else that doesn’t affect them as much, such as in another state or country.


A person, Place, or event. who is famous in public Has a stronger effect on the public than others. An example like a person who is giving an interview if he is not famous in the audience He will not be able to influence But if a famous person like PM Modi, it will affect the whole country.


Timeliness is very important for news because current news has more impact than yesterday or last week. Because the public lost interest in the past even using past news always tries to give the latest or current news.


Consequence means if the reader finds news interesting, he will read more about the news and he will search for it more. Examples like a disaster or flood in any state make the news interesting and readers want to read more.


The audience all enjoyed and liked debates and arguments between rivalries. Conflict news stories include religious political legal disputes, sports, business rates, human rights violence politics, and even struggles against nature, animals, and outer space


If you want to make your new readable, if you want to make your content newsworthy. so you just need to follow these elements of news because this is important for readable content. I also wrote more articles on sources of news, elements of news, and structure of news, for more information to stay connected.

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