First Indian newspaper Before the printing press in India, an early communication system in India was oral communication and written communication. The king and nobleman were appointed at that time basically as a messenger and spices in Different areas of information.

Early communication systems in India

However, the common man depends on oral communication because they are not literate enough to read the written communication. In this topic, we will discuss how and when print media came to India, and what changes we see after print media.

First Indian newspaper

The Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper in India published on 29 January 1780 by James Augustus Hickey during the British Raj. Hickey Bengal Gazette was also the first Indian newspaper in English that was published on the Indian subcontinent.

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First Indian newspaper

The Bengal Gazette was founded in Calcutta because that time, Calcutta was the capital of British India. Hickey was an Irishman who had come to India to seek his fortune. Hicky used it to make fun of various East India company officials with whom he had personal differences.

The gazette is considered a landmark in the history of Indian journalism, 1857 is also known as the development year of reporting in India, In this year, the British press and Indian press were divided because of the Vernacular Press Act of 1876.

In 1860 the ”Times of India” was published by Robert Knight and again in 1868. The Bombay Samachar which was started in 1822 is the oldest newspaper market in the world.

Today India is the 2nd largest newspaper market in the world. Newspapers have also contributed to the freedom struggle for the country.

Print media in the 19th century

Around 1440, in Germany, the goldsmith Johannes Guttenberg invented the movable type of printing press. Print media benefitted Indian women in the 19th century they got a chance to get and learn education.

In the 19th century, newspapers and magazines were not only in English but also in local or regional languages. some of the important newspapers and magazines were Samachar Darpan, Sudhovani Bangandarshan, the Madras Courier, etc.

Newspapers played a huge role in the freedom movement in India, Newspapers spread ideas and also shaped the nature of the debate. In the early 19th century, an intense controversy between social and religious reformers.


In this topic, we read about the first Indian newspaper how it started in India, and who started in India, for more information related to the mass communication field stay connected with my channel.

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