Different Types of shots

Shots are the fundamental elements of photography, it is used in both photography and video production. They play an important role in telling the audience about the expressions of emotions of the subject. In photography, there are various kinds of shots and compositions that photographers use to make their pictures visually appealing.

Types of shots

In this article, we talk about the different types of shots, Here is an overview of some common types of shots of both photography and films.

Wide shot or extreme long shot

A wide or extremely long short covers a larger area or a large depth of field. It also shows the subject relation with the surroundings. In this, the short framed the subject from a particular distance and it also focuses on the background.

extreme wide shot
extreme wide shot

Long shot

A long shot is also called the ‘‘wide shot”, or the ”full shot”. A long shot from the subject from the head to the toe, a long shot also showed the subject relation with the surroundings.

long shot or wide shot

Medium shot

A medium shot frames the subject from the waist up. It is used to show the details of the subject, Such as facial expressions and hand gestures, While it shows some parts of the surroundings visible.

medium shot

Extreme close-up shot

An extreme close-up shot frames the subject very closely. It shows very detailed emotions of the subject It is used to capture the specific portions of the body such as eyes and lips. It fills the whole frame there is no background.

For example: Hand gripping, locking the door before the entry, etc.

extreme close-up shot

Close-up shot

It focuses on the subject face, It shows the emotions of the subject. It shows the details and emotions of the subject from a close range.

For example: Showing the character’s eyes fill with tears to show sadness.

close up shot

High angle shot

A high Angle shot is a filming technique where the camera looks down at the subject, It is to show the subject as smaller and weaker.

For example: Shooting someone from above to show their small size in a big world.

high-angle shots, drones are used for these types of shots.

Low angle shot

A low-angle shot camera is positioned below the eye line, Pointing upward. It can even be below the character’s feet which is called the extreme low-angle shot. It is used to make the subject powerful and Dominant.

For example: Shooting a superhero to show their power and strength, how strong they are.

Low-angle shots are used to make the main object strong and fearless.

Over-the-shoulder shot

In this type of shot, there are two characters Camera is behind the shoulder of the subject. It is used to show a character from the perspective of another character, It is also used in conversation and confrontation.

For example: Two characters are talking to each other. The camera behind one character shows the other character’s reaction.

the over-the-shoulder shot used to show the discussion.

Point-of-view shot (POV)

It is used to show the character’s perspective of what he is watching in front of him. It allows the audience to see what the characters see.

For example: A POV shot captures what the characters see like running on stairs etc.

Tracking shot

A tracking shot is also known as a ”Dolly shot”, In this short camera moves and simply follows the subject with the help of a track. It followed the subject to movement smoothly, and it created a dynamic and impressive experience.

For example, A tracking shot follows the characters as they walk the bustling market.

Bird’s eye view shot

In this shot, the camera is directly above the subject and it Captures the action going on below. Nowadays, it is very common for people to use drones to get a full view of the whole area.

For example: The opening shot of the maze in ”The Shining”.


In conclusion, the various types of shots and photography and film player cursor ruling captain in conveying the emotions in messages to the audience. All these shots like bird’s-eye view,over-the-shoulder shots, high angle, low angle, etc., All these shots play an important role in the field of photography. By understanding and effectively utilizing these different shots, Photographers and filmmakers can create visually captive and engaging narratives that resonate with the audience. I also wrote about parts of the camera, for more information stay connected with me.

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