The essential basic parts of the camera are the apertures, shutter, Image sensor, viewfinder, camera body memory, card, etc. The camera is a complex device that captures and records visual information. A photographer should have a good understanding of the different parts of the camera Here, are some parts of the camera.

Parts of camera

There are some key parts of the camera you should know about such as the lens, image sensor, viewfinder, LCD screen, flash, mode dial, shutter, etc.


The lens is an essential part of the camera, A camera lens is an attachable part of the camera That allows you to take pictures. Lens are of many types prime lens, Zoom lens, micro lens, telephoto lens, etc.

camera lens
camera lens

Image sensor

It is also called the heart of the camera, When the light rays hit the camera sensor it converts the light into electromagnetic signals used to create a digital image. There are different types of sensors CCD(Charged-Couple Device) and CMOS(Complementary-Metal-Oxide -Semiconductor) sensors.


The shutter also comes under essential parts of the camera, it controls the amount of light that passes through the sensor. Without a shutter, the Camera gives grainy pictures, It is also called the gateway of the camera.

It is open and closed to let in light for a specific amount of time, Determining the exposure settings for a photograph.

camera Shutter


It allows you to see what’s being photographed, There are two types of viewfinder- optical and digital. A digital finder is used as a small digital display, it is like an LCD screen on the back of the camera, An Optical viewfinder uses mirrors and prisms to represent the view of the Scene.


LCD screen

In modern cameras, an LCD screen is used to view the photos and see the camera settings, It also works as a live viewfinder in digital cameras. Nowadays, you can also see live views on LCD screens.

LCD screen

Mode Dial

It is located on the top of the camera, It is a small cogwheel used to switch between the different camera modes.

Mode dial allows you to select various shooting modes, such as manual and automatic modes, aperture, and shutter priority.

Flash button

The flash button is located at the top of the camera, it is used to set the light intensity in dark situations. Many cameras have a built-in flash or a hot shoe to attach an external flash unit.


Battery is also an essential parts of the camera, It gives power to the camera for a longer period of time and ensures high-quality photos. Battery life depends on how much time someone is using the camera. Always carry an extra battery for shooting.

Body and controls

The camera body is the House of all these components. It includes buttons, mode dials, and menu controlling settings of the camera, It captures images and it helps to navigate the camera functions.

Tripod Mount

The tripod man is located at the bottom side of the camera. A Tripod Mount is used to attach the tripod to the camera. It helps to hold the camera for a longer period of time.


A hot shoe is situated at the top of the camera. A hot shoe is another integral part of the camera, It is mainly for mounting external flash. It controls accessories such as flashes, Microphone wireless triggers, etc.


ISO is one of the three pillars of exposure triangle photography, It controls the darkness and brightness of the photo by controlling the light, by using more ISO photos become noisy and it show grains at the photos.


The aperture is basically the opening and closing of the camera lens, it is the three pillars of photography, If the opening of the aperture is big the depth of field is narrow and the picture comes sharp and gives a portrait effect.

If the opening of the aperture is small the depth of field will be wider and it captures the large area.


In conclusion, do you know what is photography? we understand the basic parts of the camera, which is essential for any photographer. From the lens to the image sensor, the shutter to the viewfinder. each component player will get a room for capturing and recording visual information. These parts of the camera help you to learn basic parts of the camera, so you can easily control the camera functions.

In this article, we discussed various parts of the camera, like the body of the camera shutter, series grain flash button battery, and viewfinder, image, and sensor. By knowing these basic parts of photo cameras photographers can utilize their capabilities. Probably information stays connected with me.

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